by Marc Durkee

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released January 22, 2013

All songs written and performed by Marc Durkee

*Artwork by Melanie Smith
*Violin on track 1 by Brittany Surette



all rights reserved


Marc Durkee Yarmouth, Nova Scotia

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Track Name: Break Or Bend
A futile attempt at making amends now
Reality strikes us hard
Will we break or bend?
I guess it depends on whether we fall apart
Since we've been selling our disguise
The evidence that will comprise our lives
Will we break or bend?
I guess it depends on whether we live or die

Fade out, fall asleep now
Once more, we are not so sure

A lie to be told, a weight on my shoulders
A habit that we can't break
Could we jump the fence?
Try to pretend that this is only a passing phase
Since we've been living different lives
Apologies, regrets, and compromise
The bridges will burn
My only concern is getting out alive
Track Name: Safe
I don't sleep too well these days
Disorienting waves of black and grey
And I have seen my share of gatherings
But it's all in all the same
I don't know what went wrong
Though I hope

You'll stay silent and safe
Through the best of times
For both of our sakes
And I will wait at the gates
'Til rebirth or a burial

There must be something beneath this
Sifting through what seems like miles and miles of wreckage
Could this be my saving grace?
I wish I knew how to accept this
I can't say where I've been or
Where I belong

I'll stay silent and wait
For the rest of our time
And both of our sakes
You'll be safe in this safe
'Til rebirth or a burial

Take a moment now
Sound it out
Be aware that I am falling down now
Into a beautiful and tragic state of mind
I can't meet you there and I can't decide

I don't feel too well these days
Black and grey in disorienting shades
I have had my share of fallacies
But it's all in all the same
Track Name: I've Seen A Ghost
Lie here beside
Be at peace tonight
Would you wish now to come back to life?
Did we spend all of our time in denial?
Track Name: The End Isn't Near, It's Now
Sick and tired of not knowing where to go from here
Wondering if this life is worth it all
Desolate and feeling mostly out of place
It's sort of like the end of the world

I want to go back to where I came from
'Cause it's oh so hard to feel at home down here
I want to go back, I want to return
'Cause it's oh so hard to feel at home down here

La da da...