by Marc Durkee

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Recorded and mixed by Charles Austin at Echo Chamber Audio, Halifax NS.


released September 29, 2014

All songs written and performed by Marc Durkee.
Group vocals: Durk, Shelby Smith, Mike Dalton.
Lyrics on 'Honest Man' co-written by Tim Merry.
Cover photo by Channing Burchell



all rights reserved


Marc Durkee Yarmouth, Nova Scotia

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Track Name: September Air
A body lies between us, an ocean, a moat
And I'd circle round to find you if I only had a boat
A river runs beneath us all the way from here to there
With the water at my feet in the cold, cold winter air

And I did my best to wake you from an unrelenting dream
I could feel you through the fog and recognize your muffled screams
This was not a cry for pity or a reason to depart
It was the ever growing thaw that took the light out of your heart

You left the light on for me
But you took the light out of my heart

A season stands before us and it's almost time to go
(away with the snow)
A wave came fast and took us past the lives that we had known
(down with the water)
The summer comes and goes, but was it ever really there?
With a fire at my feet in the warm September air

Please leave the light on for me
You took the light out of my heart
Track Name: Honest Man
*lyrics co-written by Tim Merry

He was an honest man time and time again
Loyal and lost all the way 'til the alleys end
But when the seasons change there's always something
'round the bend, ripe for the knowing
So many reasons why outside and in
Ending is never quite as kind as beginning
It's painful breathing in, she's already leaving
Seeds for the sowing

Rushing water breaks the shore
Walking faster than before
All those winters long adorned, and I know
He's not like he was before

He was a foolish man, flawed to no end
Despite the greatest strengths there's always room to pretend
And underneath the ice the was poisoned, trapped underneath it
Too cold a lover, better off as a friend
Illusion melts away with nothing left to defend
Quietly facing the hollow empty feeling
Reaching out, falling

Rushing waters from the thaw
Batter down the cabins door
Carry away all that I adore, and I know
It's not how it was before
Always more than we can see
Broken as a family
Lonely, numb reality, and I know
It's not how it seems to be

There are no words, awkward silence reigns
Sadness floods over the parched and frozen plains
Time moves on but still part of it remains
Somewhere beneath this
Pulling away from this tears at the flesh
What felt like cuts once now feels like a caress
What once felt like a curse now feels like a blessing
No one's to blame

Rushing water breaks the shore
Walking faster than before
All those years so long adorned, and I know
It's not like it was before
Always more than we can see
Broken, hopeful family
Now that we can rest easy knowing
It's not how it used to be.
Track Name: Silent Satisfaction
Watching all my friends grow old
And how I'm fading as our lives unfold
Happily living, careers and children
It gives me satisfaction to know.
It's a privilege to be so near
To the qualities I hold so dear
Although I am wary it's temporary
I'll appreciate it while I'm here...
Track Name: Bridges
I don't mean any harm anyway
What's inside my heart, not that much to say
I can be so calm anyway
In moments when it's wrong

Every song I sing isn't for you
Every bridge I burn should inform you
This is where we stand

For the nights I stole from everyone
Was it worth the cold?
Was it worth today?
I can be your friend anyway
I'd expect no less

Every word you speak isn't for me
Every breath you bring forward from me
This is where we stand
This is where we fall apart
And remove what carries on
Pay no mind to broken hearts
Ignorance is a subtle art

You could say all the same to anyone
All the older cold shoulders when it's said and done
I can be so bold anyway
When the tables turn
Track Name: Singular
All of the ways that I know how
To make things right again will
Fade in the waves and softly drown
It's only a matter of time
Lost in the sea again
Bitter with discontent
Falling away...

All of the things that make me proud
Too few to be named
Fade out and drown in the other sounds
What becomes of me now?
Tired of asking when
Will I be whole again...