by Marc Durkee

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released February 16, 2017

All songs written and performed by Marc Durkee
Engineered, mixed and mastered by Cameron Lawrence in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
Guest vocals on "Follow", "In Spite", and "Walk On A Wire" by Jessi Nicole Churchill
Additional drums on "Traveller" by Cameron Lawrence
Photography by Channing Burchell



all rights reserved


Marc Durkee Yarmouth, Nova Scotia

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Track Name: Intuitive
It's hard for me
To sit and watch, to grit my teeth and bear it
I know I'm not the only one
And honestly
Honesty and decency are rarest
In the guilty that seem fairest
Liar - tell me now, tell me how
Do I dare to be the whistleblower?
I believe
That what you want and what you need
Are separate realities
I know that you're not fearless

Shut the door
Bring the focus back to your own reality
Not someone else's demons
Shut your eyes
Bring your focus back to life
Not these intuitive conclusions
You have made inside your own mind

Runs rampant in this place I swear it
A new disgrace on every corner
Apathy - a cold and bitter lack of understanding
And I will not forgive this trespass
Liar - deceiver - betrayer
Tell me that you hear this

Shut the door
Bring the focus back to your own reality
Not someone else's demons
Shut your eyes
Bring your focus back to life
Not these intuitive conclusions
You have made inside your own mind

Calling on aftermath
To teach you the lessons you deserve to learn
Taste your own medicine
You will not live to get away with this
I know you
And I can read your mind
Track Name: Out From Under
A stark realization indeed
Cold and reptilian
The scaly skin of all my demons
A wretched fever closing in
A welcome sin as I begin to doubt

Can I bring it out from under, out from underground
In time to...
Track Name: Shifting Sands
In a far off distance
I thought I saw a gleam of light
Though maybe not so bright
In a single instance
My thoughts can turn against my state of mind
Feed my fears tonight

In a bitter outcry
I rage against the sky
And fight the turning of the Earth
If I could stop time and freeze the shifting sands
And plead for a rebirth
Track Name: Follow
Fall asleep, stay awake
Forget all the things you know
Rearrange, recalculate
Forgetting the overtone
We wait, we wait
To face the undertow
To walk the world alone in silence

When you go blind like me
Well, maybe then you'll see
When you go down in the deep
I'll follow
Track Name: In Spite
I could never run, but I long for an escape
This old town's got a grip on my mistakes
Faceless souls and silent enemies
Disappear into the blank tranquility

All my life, I've been waiting all this time
These days roll on in spite of my crimes
Oh my god, tell me what have I done?
I search for the light and I'm not the only one
Track Name: Traveller

Light fades away.
White, turn to grey. (Saturated)
Clouds just below, falling far, letting go.
Feeling faded, far outdated.

But if it were not for a reason, if it were not for the truth
We would be letting go
And if I didn't feed the demons, if I didn't need the fuel
I would be empty
Will it break apart inside of me if I don't follow through?
Fading imposter

Much like a waterfall
Much like a waterfall
Flow smoothly and calmly
Then force me down rapidly
Until I hit the bottom

Will I reach the end of these rapids?
Or will I be swallowed by the ocean?
Track Name: Walk On A Wire
Drowning in shallow water
Feeding me phobia
Part of the working class
You give in
A pious, ungrateful fulfillment of life

Behold the man with clocks for eyes*
And keys for hands that you despise
That's not the way that I will choose to live

Feel me wake up, rising over
Lift this weight off of my shoulders
Pain is nothing, life moves forward
Taking control, give the order

Hold the fire in your eyes
Your freedom has yet to arrive
So you may find a better way to live

I'm missing parts of me that I cannot retrieve
They were burned away gradually
But I remain faithfully
Piling up the wood all while they stoke the fire
Climbing atop the high funeral pyre
Dazed and confused we all walk on a wire
Hoping for a better way

(* see Wintersleep's "People Talk")